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Additions to the Robosignatures Page

Items under the following names have recently been added to the Robosigning Page.  Names are in order by first name. Some of the additions are discovery testimony from lawsuits and some are legal signatures. Adam Levitin Ahmed Afzal Ahmed Aszal Beverly Dumas Brian Blake Flor Valerio Leticia Quintana Toby Robillard T. Sevillano A special thank … Continue reading

Welcome to our New Website

Let's get one thing straight: Foreclosure IS the Bank Business Model! Corrupt and illegal foreclosures have broken our economy and driven millions into poverty. Stopping this Crisis of Corruption will help us all save our homes and our country.

The Federal Reserve tells Congress that legal violations of mortgage servicers are "trade secrets" but a whistleblower has Proof of Bank Cheating. The truth is, money laundering has ruined the banking system but currently these criminals remain unprosecuted in the United State, unlike in Iceland where the bankers have been convicted and jailed.

We must NOT give up: United we Stand - Divided we Fall. We must remain strong, fight for our rights, stand up for truth and remember the Force is with us. cj

This site shares various Do-It-Yourself Foreclosure Defense strategies to hopefully help owners "delay and stay" in their homes giving them more time and resources to find an attorney and to prepare for legal action if possible. Each day brings new ideas and successes to owner's efforts.


CJ Holmes is a retired real estate broker with an extensive background in real estate investing, client representation and market analysis, and accurately predicted the home market meltdown that began in late 2008.

In 2012, CJ founded Home Owners For Justice and began working to help owners delay foreclosure and stay in their homes using Do-It-Yourself foreclosure defense strategies.

She has written an easy to understand Foreclosure Crisis Overview, is frequently on KPFA radio and other stations, and has several free foreclosure defense workshops on her Youtube channel cjholmes11.

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